Bob Kobek

Robert A. Kobek – President and CEO, Mobius Vendor Partners, and Patients-Count®

Before forming Mobius Vendor Partners as a professional business process consulting firm in October 1999, Mr. Kobek spent over 30 years in the direct marketing industry and government.

In 2007 Bob and Mobius launched CustomerCountSM, a feature-rich, cloud-based survey solution providing intuitive real-time reporting, fast turnaround on updates, and detailed and dynamic data gathering for process improvement, customer loyalty and employee experience to improve your bottom line. In 2022 Mobius launched Patients-Count, an online enterprise patient and employee experience feedback system.

Mr. Kobek is a member of the American Resort Development Association and sits on the Meetings Committee, Membership Committee, Communications Committee, and the Federal Issues committee. He is also a member of SHSMD (Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development) and the Beryl Institute. Bob has also served as the Interim President of the American Teleservices Association and was a board member of PACE (Professional Associations for Customer Engagement,) and served as the chair of the Government Affairs committee.

Mr. Kobek attended Holy Cross College at Notre Dame, Indiana and Indiana University concentrating on Political Science and Business.