Conscious Capitalism is a movement driven by heroic business leaders and entrepreneurs. Their stories of elevating humanity through business is what inspires others to practice capitalism more consciously. Let these videos, books, articles, and materials help you learn and grow on the path to Conscious Capitalism.

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Why Become a Conscious Company?

Implementing conscious business practices isn’t just about doing the right thing or being nice. The research on the advantages of consciousness show that self-aware leadership, sustainability, and other companion practices elevate human well-being AND benefit the bottom line. This resource provides evidence on the benefits of
becoming a conscious company.


The Four Tenets of Conscious Capitalism


Conscious Capitalism: Higher Purpose


Conscious Capitalism: Conscious Leadership


Conscious Capitalism: Stakeholder Orientation


Conscious Capitalism: Conscious Culture

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Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business

Whole Foods Market cofounder John Mackey and professor and Conscious Capitalism, Inc. cofounder Raj Sisodia argue for the inherent good of both business and capitalism. Featuring some of today’s best-known companies, they illustrate how these two forces can—and do—work most powerfully to create value for all stakeholders: including customers, employees, suppliers, investors, society, and the environment.

These “Conscious Capitalism” companies include Whole Foods Market, Southwest Airlines, Costco, Google, Patagonia, The Container Store, UPS, and dozens of others. We know them; we buy their products or use their services. Now it’s time to better understand how these organizations use four specific tenets—higher purposestakeholder integrationconscious leadership, and conscious culture and management—to build strong businesses and help advance capitalism further toward realizing its highest potential.

A bold defense and reimagining of capitalism and a blueprint for a new system for doing business grounded in a more evolved ethical consciousness, this book provides a new lens for individuals and companies looking to build a more cooperative, humane, and positive future.


Conscious Capitalism Field Guide: Tools for Transforming Your Organization

You subscribe to the basic idea that business can do more than make money, but you’re not sure how to act on that conviction or how to share it with the rest of your organization. The Conscious Capitalism Field Guide–the authoritative follow-up to the bestselling book Conscious Capitalism, by John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, and leadership expert Raj Sisodia–gives you the tools for sharing and implementing the principles of higher purpose and conscious business throughout your organization.

This practical guide provides hands-on materials–the same tools used in companies such as Whole Foods Market, Southwest Airlines, Life is Good, The Container Store, Barry-Wehmiller, Zappos, and many others–that you can use on your own, with your team, or with others throughout your organization to build conscious leadership and practices into your business. Organized according to the four core principles (higher purpose, stakeholder orientation, conscious leadership, and conscious culture) of Conscious Capitalism, the book provides exercises, worksheets, checklists, and instructions–for use both individually and with teams–as well as advice, examples, and real-life stories to help you apply these ideas and make them come alive in your organization.


Conscious Capitalism Press

Recommended reading for aspiring and seasoned Conscious Capitalists. These page turners take you on a journey to fulfill your potential. Contribute to a better world and elevate humanity by putting people at the center of business.

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The Essentials of Conscious Capitalism

This primer provides the basic framework for Conscious Capitalism. Learn how the model strives to elevate humanity through good, ethical, and noble business practices.


5 Ways to Get Conscious Capitalism Started at Your Company

Millions around the world have been inspired by Conscious Capitalism. In Indiana, hundreds of businesses are learning and applying the principles. The greatest impact comes from those actions. This short guide provides simple ways to get your company started.


Tenet #1: Higher Purpose

Elevating humanity through business begins with knowing WHY your company exists. Without this, you have no compass to find and stay focused on your True North. Business should exist for reasons beyond just making a profit. We see profit as a necessary means to achieving your purpose—not as an end in and of itself.


Tenet #2: Stakeholder Orientation

Critical to achieving your purpose is to value and care for EVERYONE that touches your business. This includes employees, customers, suppliers, investors, society, and the environment. Sometimes this even includes your competition. Motivate all stakeholders by creating “win-win-win” outcomes for all who are impacted by your business’s decisions.


Tenet #3: Conscious Leadership

Conscious Businesses cannot exist without Conscious Leaders. They are the stewards and pioneers for good. They keep the business focused on its purpose. They reject a zero-sum, trade-off-oriented view of business. Instead they seek creative, synergistic solutions for all stakeholders. Without better leaders, there is no better world. Period.


Tenet #4: Conscious Culture

The culture of your business is its heartbeat. Without a healthy one, the business will ultimately fail. Cultures are as unique as the people who comprise them, but commonalities include trust, accountability, transparency, integrity, loyalty, egalitarianism, fairness, personal growth, love, and care. How’s that for a great place to work?


Higher Purpose
Stakeholder Orientation
Conscious Leadership
Conscious Culture