Welcome to the Indianapolis Chapter of Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism Indianapolis is a movement that combines education and inspiration to promote responsible business practices with civic involvement.  We believe that generating profits can coexist with a greater purpose and that financial results are optimized when this occurs.  We help great companies become better by producing positive results in performance, in their associates’ engagement, and in our communities.

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Join us for an evening of enjoyable and productive activities, conversations, and career building skills. We are always looking to be involved in the community of business and relationships. Come to a speaking event, workshop, volunteer outing, or a simple meet up.

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The Four Principles of Conscious Capitalism

Higher Purpose:

Energize stakeholders around a higher purpose while maintaining the essential ingredient of profitability.

Stakeholder Orientation:

Focus on stakeholders rather than shareholders and create value for all involved.

Conscious Leadership:

Purposefully cultivate an environment of trust, care and service for the entire business ecosystem.

Conscious Culture:

Connect stakeholders to each other and the company’s purpose through shared values inherent in the people, processes, and practices of the business.