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Conscious Culture

Conscious Capitalism 101: The Basics of Business as a Force for Good


New to Conscious Capitalism or just need a refresher? This video is for you! Conscious Capitalism 101 covers all the basics like:

  • Background of the Conscious Capitalism movement
  • Understanding the mission of “elevating humanity through business”
  • The four tenets of Conscious Capitalism – Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Leadership, and Conscious Culture
  • Why and how Conscious Capitalism provides a better way to do business

This session sets the stage for embracing and embedding the tenets of Conscious Capitalism in your organization. Aspiring Conscious Capitalists and those searching for a higher purpose in business should watch this fun, interactive session that launches participants on the Conscious Capitalism journey.

Conscious Leadership

The Way of the J.E.D.I. in Conscious Companies


The Jedi have a proverb: A plan is only as good as those who see it through.

That also applies to J.E.D.I.: justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The events of 2020 have conscious companies wanting to do better when it comes to social justice issues. Yet knowing where to begin in solving this sensitive topic is tough. What can companies do to support the movement, rather than simply addressing the moment?

This is a discussion on J.E.D.I. with Indiana business leaders at the forefront of this work. Learn why J.E.D.I. is a business issue affecting both stakeholders and the bottom line. Discover the actions these leaders are taking within their companies and the lessons learned along the way. Walk away with strategies for progress any size business can use.

Additional Resources: 

Dialogue Project – A global study of how business can improve civil discourse and reduce polarization in our society.

Bias Interrupters – Tools for helping companies interrupt and correct implicit bias in the workplace

Google re:Work Unbiasing – Guides for redesigning talent systems and creating inclusive workplaces

Uncomfortable Conversations with Kris & Gabby – Podcast focused on normalizing the uncomfortable conversation about race

Managing a Team with Conflicting Political Views – Strategies for creating an inclusive work environment where people feel safe to contribute their ideas and experiences

Textio – Analyzes writing to provide language insights into hiring and employer content

The difference between “equality” and “equity” and why DEI efforts should include “justice”

Conscious Leadership

It’s About TIME: How Businesses Can Save the World (One Worker at a Time) with Safwan Shah


Is “business as usual” hurting more than 90 million Americans?

Safwan Shah, author of It’s About Time and founder/CEO of PayActiv, offers a head-slapping understanding of how we came to pay American workers and the predatory practices positioned as “help” that create financial stress and reduce productivity. Shah details the role time plays in our society and why “it’s about time” for company leaders to right this wrong.

Walk away ready to reconsider “the way we’ve always done it” as a business strategy for fighting poverty and economic injustice—for your workforce, community, and country.

About the Presenter:

An engineer by training and entrepreneur by accident, Safwan is the founder and CEO of PayActiv. After selling a previous company and committing to his golf game, Safwan pulled himself out of retirement to launch PayActiv and level the playing field for the financially vulnerable. Safwan’s work connects the dots between math, economics, history, and music. His first book, It’s About TIME: How Businesses Can Save the World (One Worker at a Time), turns conventional wisdom on its head and calls for businesses to embrace the mantle of saving the world.

Conscious Leadership

Handle with Care: Supporting Key Relationships in the Time of COVID-19


In a world of uncertainty, how do you maintain a high level of care for the relationships that matter most?

These unprecedented times are challenging us personally and professionally. Acting consciously during times of chaos may not be easy, but it is more important than ever. We invite you to replay this conscious conversation on supporting key relationships with employees, customers, and families during this difficult time. The discussion offers insight and advice from three local experts for navigating the road ahead at home and in your business. Walk away inspired and empowered to make purposeful choices for your most important relationships that will matter long after the current crisis ends.

The Speakers:

Michelle Gambs – Michelle is an Indy-based parent coach and psychotherapist. Her site includes parenting courses and advice for making the work of parents a little less stressful and a lot more meaningful.

Nicole MacLean – Nicole is the Director of Relationship Marketing at Emplify, a Software-as-a-Service company providing employees with a platform to access company information and voice feedback to company executives.

Steve Walker – Steve is CEO of Walker, a customer experience services firm that has helped hundreds of companies develop and implement strategies to optimize the way they serve their customers.