2020 Indiana Philanthropy Alliance Virtual Conference



Conscious Capitalism – Indianapolis is proud to partner with the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance for this online event designed for those driven to make a higher purpose, profits, and stakeholder impact. The conference offers sessions designed to level-up business practices for social and civic engagement. Be part of strategy conversations with community funders and national thought leaders. Learn how to increase organization impact and support community innovation.

As sectors come together to support Indiana’s recovery efforts and resilience, this work is more important than ever.

Register at: www.inphilanthropy.org/conference.

Champions of Conscious Capitalism – Indianapolis receive $100 off registration. Email indianapoliscc@gmail.com to receive your discount code or to find out how to become a chapter sponsor.

Conference Session Highlights

Conscious Capitalism: A Better Way to Run Your Business

Learn how an entrepreneurial spirit can truly elevate humanity. Discover key principles that guide companies to develop higher purpose, stronger leaders, and richer culture—all while maximizing profits.

Skills-Based Volunteering 101

Also known as pro bono, Skills-Based Volunteering (SBV) enables companies to leverage their talent to support nonprofits where they need it most. You’ll be guided through the fundamentals of pro bono and understand how you can use it to better support community partners.

Local Impact Investing

Discover how impact investing is an extension of broader community development and how it can help root wealth in communities.

Keynote by Carrie Avery, CEO of Durfee Foundation

Carrie comes from a family whose wealth was quite literally built on a small idea that stuck. Her grandfather, R. Stanton (Stan) Avery—founder of Avery Inc.—invented the self-stick adhesive label in 1935 and built a $5 billion business around it. Stan was a passionate inventor who prized creative space. But in 1960, he took that passion one step further when he and his wife, Dorothy Durfee Avery, founded the Durfee Foundation to reward individual innovation and leadership. A national thought-leader, Carrie will share how she’s translating her grandfather’s business values into her foundation’s latest community engagement strategies.