Achieving Higher Purpose: Becoming a Better Business from Tough Times



Can bad times bring out the best in business?

Can a pandemic create a renewed sense of purpose in companies?

Ask any of these leaders and the answer is “YES!

It’s easy to get caught up in negative news – struggling businesses, startling unemployment statistics, and talk of an emerging recession. Yet, many bright spots surround us. For the conclusion of our Conscious Conversations virtual series, we are delivering a GOOD NEWS BLITZ.

Hear from Central Indiana businesses using tough times to make a difference in their communities. From helping with small business loans, tying donations to service calls, tackling food insecurity, and keeping low-income nursing home residents connected with families – these companies have stepped into a higher purpose. Gather inspiration, generate ideas, and bask in some feel-good news that just might change your business for the better too!

Conscious Leadership

Leadership in the Time of COVID-19: Pivoting and Keeping Perspective




When the world turns upside down, survival depends on pivoting your business and keeping perspective.

Easier said than done. But, not impossible.

Learn from companies, with very different stories, on how they are doing just that.

In part II of our Conscious Conversations virtual series, two local leaders share their journeys, lessons learned, and advice for other businesses guiding companies through today’s challenges. Discover how these great companies are navigating uncertainty while maintaining their values as a conscious business – and how you can too.

Jeremy Brown – Jeremy is founder and CEO of Nameless Catering, one of many companies in the food service industry affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Learn how he has pivoted his business in a time where catering big events is not an option.

Nick Smarrelli – Nick is CEO of GadellNet, a talent-rich IT consulting firm based in Carmel. He shares his perspective on the impact of the current crisis on professional service firms and how his company is managing through it.