Leadership in the Time of COVID-19: Focusing on “We” Vs. “Me”


Conscious Capitalism Indianapolis · Leadership in the Time of COVID-19: Focusing on “We” Vs. “Me”


Conscious Businesses do not exist without Conscious Leaders. But in a time when the focus is on personal and professional survival, how does the importance of “we” outweigh “me”? How can a business truly exemplify “we’re all in this together”?

Join part III of our Conscious Conversations virtual series to hear two more local business stories highlighting the importance of putting people first.

Ascension is fighting COVID-19 from the frontlines in its more than 200 hospitals and senior care facilities around the US. eimagine is experiencing COVID-19’s impact on technology in Indiana and around the globe. While these two organizations are very different in size and scope, they both know the results of putting people at the center of business. With honesty and humility, they share their stories and advice for creating more Conscious Businesses during and after COVID-19.

Heather Johll – Heather is Vice President of Operations at Ascension. Few companies have been affected more than those in the health care industry. She shares how Ascension has been transformed during this time of uncertainty.

Joel Russell – Joel is founder and CEO of eimagine, a full-service information technology consulting firm with a 20+ year history in Indianapolis. He shares his thoughts on the way the coronavirus has affected his company as well as others that depend on reliable technology to run their business.

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